Russia Develops New Nuclear Missile Weapons

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Mr. Medvedev said new missile technology will be developed in full accordance with any new arms agreements reached with Washington, but that other weapons are necessary.

He says Russia's nuclear shield allows it to solve all the problems, which it has to solve. He says of course Russia will develop new systems, including delivery systems, that is, missiles. He says it is quite normal and that the whole world is doing this.

The Russian leader also praised U.S. President Barack Obama's recent call for a nuclear-weapons-free world, calling it a "beautiful and right goal." But he said movement toward that objective should be gradual and should require other nuclear-armed countries to cut their arsenals as well.

President Medvedev said he is encouraged by the discussions.

He says, anyway we are moving forward very quickly, we have already agreed almost on all issues."

Mr. Medvedev used the TV broadcast to touch on a host of other topics, chief among them the environment and the economy. State-owned media quote the president as saying he is dissatisfied with this month's global-warming summit in Copenhagen, calling it "a lot of hot air." He said Russia will none-the-less continue to push for domestic energy efficiency and cuts in carbon emissions.

The president also said Russia has survived the global economic crisis with no major losses. He said the country could see its gross domestic product grow by 2.5 to five percent in 2010, "in an optimistic scenario."


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