NATO offered to the Russians 'security roof'

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Ever since the US has started to build the missile shields in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia has been extremely wary and sceptical of the build up. Russia suspects that it might harm its sovereignty and is being seen as an American incursion into areas under Russian influence. NATO believes that the American missile shields are necessary to protect the European nations from aggression of any kind stemming from the East.

NATO certainly does not want t9o antagonize Russia and hence invited Russia to be part of the missile shield program so that they could all create a safe and secure Europe. However, Russia did not take it in the right sense and declared it can’t be suicidal and help the enemies build missile systems in its own backyard.

Russian officials say that in order to cut its strategic arsenal much below the new limit of 1550 deployed weapons, Moscow would have to have guarantees that the US would not develop a strategic missile defence system. The US argument is: we don't need a new ban, we just need transparency to demonstrate the new system is aimed only at Iran. Not good enough, the Russians respond.

That's where it stands now. The missile defence row has been kicked up the road. It hasn't been kicked out of the way.


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