French defense test ship Tues destination U.S. Navy Supersonic Skimming

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Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland - In the case of a foreign military sale to work, U.S. Navy, the French army in France, the first antenna is used to trigger an event with fire-163A Coyote Supersonic GQM Sea Skimming Target (SSST), or a missile, April 4.
As part of a foreign military sales case, the U.S. Navy's GQM-163A Coyote Supersonic Sea Skimming Target is launched from the Mediterranean island of Levant during a live-fire presentation April 4
(Photo courtesy of French DGA)

Military service in France, markets Directorate General for Arms (DGA), has worked with the salt air of goals and programs of the Office of bait (PMA-208) and Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC) Chandler, Arizona GQM-163A proposal SSST Concert at military firing range off the coast of France.

Foreign Military Sales case, which began in 2006, SSST, including the provision of GQM-163A, equipment
rentals and support integration. DGA, NAVAIR and the OSC SSST was a shoe on the Mediterranean island in the Eastern Mediterranean in 2011, one of only three launch sites GQM-163A.

"It will be a complex examination without the experience and would not be possible with a large and diverse group of people from NAVAIR Point Mugu, Orbital, the U.S. Embassy in Paris, the French navy, the French Center Missile Test , has been the French embassy in Washington and many others, "said Colonel Mathieu Fossat, Deputy Military-Technical Cooperation Attaché of the French naval power and air systems.

In this test, very technical, the first in Europe, the target used to provide anti-ship cruise missile threats, speed and maneuvering to avoid the compression of time to simulate a defensive system must respond. Shortly after, the aim of promoting the French defense destroyer intercepted, Forbin, in order to coyotes ASTER 30 missiles in the ground layer of air.

Tone Myers, PMA-208-FMS lead last week on the market, he said, the team has received positive feedback from the representative of France. The objective was to "green zone" throughout the flight, which was a time when it was expected that, he added.

"We are pleased to present SSST was useful to evaluate the efforts DGA and look forward to working with them in the future, said Capt. Dan McNamara, director PMA-208 Program." The whole team of French and U.S. over the past five years to achieve this success should be commended. "
Source / copyright : Naval Air Systems Command


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