While some commands severely restrict artillery fires

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Although some of the commands fired a strict limit of artillery, a Task Force in Afghanistan, with active measures to limit collateral damage, an alternative method.

Task Force King of the 173 Airborne Brigade Combat Team arrived at an alternative for indirect fire missions with highly explosive TNT.
Soldiers from the 4th Battalion of the 319th Field Artillery Regiment, has a way to switch not explode in a fire-training phase of adaptation, and then switch to a deadly round of fire for effect phase. This method is less shots being fired, reducing collateral damage and civilian casualties.

"Our rules for the use of a challenge, because our enemies know when using a conventional artillery fire and remains a very real chance of unwanted collateral damage," said Command Sgt Maj Dennis Woods, Afar 4-319. . "In our efforts to prevent, but commanders are far less likely to use artillery. Insurgents are not stupid. The enemy is on our ROE, our advantage to avoid the risk of fire support ... until now. "

They brought again artillery in the fighting in the central-eastern province of Wardak.

Training in the use of less lethal round M804A1 as "Smurf" Round known for its blue color. It is to live a ballistic match tour a high-explosive artillery, which means that a domino effect on the run from the tube to the target system. The difference lies in the consequences of the impact.

"The 173rd ABCT does nothing in terms of effectiveness," said Woods. "The effect of fire-by-round is what we all explosive grenades. This new approach we use here is more sensitive to environmental influences, along with the cultural issues that affect the citizens of Afghanistan."

Woods said that since Afghanistan is an agrarian society, the use of explosives to contaminate the soil. erode at TNT, RDX and HMX in plants may be affected, so the use of high-explosive round was not good for the long term future of Afghanistan, much less risk of collateral damage.

"The 173rd ABCT is aware of collateral damage than separates us from the people. If people are the real target in a war of counterinsurgency for our ability to maintain public safety to maintain the moral choice and the strategic decision to combine the best of our vision to increase supply.

With the decline in civilian casualties and collateral damage are the soldiers who support the goals of the counter insurgency doctrine COIN requirements.

"The insurgents have decided to do the people they as human shields," said Woods to fight, adding that the rebels were trying to avoid the shots, hidden in the vicinity of the protected structures.

"This technique, which allows you to deal with the enemy, despite his use of human shields. We may be closer to the fire protection of structures with less potential for collateral damage," he said.

Woods attributed to new technology for its soldiers outside the box thinking with a view to reducing fire effects and "focused lethality".

Each team M777A2 155 mm cannon rounds at a distance of four 319th position of the "smurf" was.

"There are many exercises that would go in that direction for the public safety and security to increase damage, as the 173rd Airborne has been reducing day by day," said Woods.

A Task Force Soldiers King Sayed Abad Comments "as the blue round of on-site training has arrived, I asked," why we demand from the less-lethal shot? "After learning of their goal to collateral damage limitation, I asked," why we were here in the last nine years? "


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