At the 2010 Farnborough International Airshow

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Farnborough International Airshow on the 2010, MBDA has an attractive appearance, ideas that could spread to the new generation weapons support for the soldier of tomorrow.
Visions Concept is a new unit at company level too high for innovative approaches to the future defense equipment market to develop in terms of important areas for 2030 and beyond.

MBDA European workers is challenged to propose ideas for how society technologies and concepts for future system's capacity to improve the infantryman. After a screening process, the winning solutions undergo extensive consultation with users, testing and developing the concept of the ideas together - building a "machine" in the concept of market-based approach rocket - a tangible, interactive look into the future.

The final concept Visions offers an integrated solution for firefighters increased support for infantry and focuses on the challenges of operating in complex environments and more reduce the need for correct identification of targets and manage a serious "seal of guarantee.

Steve Wadey, Executive Director of the Technical Group / CEO UK, MBDA, said:

"Visions new process concept is another example of innovation in marketing systems for missiles, MBDA, we can a vision of key areas of Defence. MBDA development highlights the inherent ability to quickly and radically modernize and damage to life the dreams of our technical staff can see customers, suppliers and employees, the development of military capabilities in a different way. "

The system CVS101 concept, published today, was developed as a weapon of the infantry fire support for 2030 and beyond. Your goal should be a light, long range precision weapons that he has a battle to use at the lower levels to ensure a power structure. It was developed to urban challenges were made with a greater freedom to the goals of the opportunity and flexibility, responsiveness and availability of fire ondersteunen precision strike against a wide range of military tasks and to achieve the maintenance of peace.

Unlike existing weapons, the system would be able CVS101, threats to friendly forces or civilians to mix for face, to comply with strict rules of engagement and security. The operating margin is expected to be delivered by the sensors to focus on very specific and precise, and directed the ability of a contemporary, easy to check, use the Fire Man-in-the-loop to the decision to ensure any time.

It is important for its light weight is designed to reduce the burden for soldiers dismantled the equipment to reduce. Unique would be most appropriate in the extreme CVS101 Non Line of Sight focused on opportunities in complex urban environment by their ability to integrate network-centric when used in conjunction with the network of sensors for tactical information.


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