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As these lines are written, the United States (U.S.) have begun striking Iraq. Despite the fact that most countries around the world, even most of USA’s allies, opposed the U.S. government is determined to continue the plan of attack. When we see what is behind the stubborn attitude of the U.S., then Israel is the only one responsible for the bloodshed and suffering in the Middle East since the beginning of the twentieth century. Israeli government policies which aimed to divide Iraq has long historical roots “.

Israel Plans Dividing Iraq
The report, entitled “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” (Strategy for Israel in the 1980s), by a Hebrew-language magazine published by the Ministry of Information, Kivunim, aims to make the entire Middle East region as an area of Israeli settlements. The report, compiled by Oded Yinon – an Israeli journalist who was close to the Israeli foreign ministry – presents scenarios “division of Iraq” as follows:

Iraq, the oil-rich countries face the problem of domestic discord, is guaranteed to be the target of Israel. End the history of Iraq is far more important to us than that of Syria “Again, Iraq no different in essence from its neighbors, although its majority is Shi’ite and Sunni which controls a small part of government. Sixty-five percent of the population has no say in politics in countries where an elite of 20 percent holds the power. In addition there is a large Kurdish minority in the north, and if not for the power of the ruling regime, its armed forces, and the oil revenues, Iraq’s future will be no different than that of Lebanon in the past “In the case of Iraq, a division into provinces based on ethnic or religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So, three (or more) of small states will be formed around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shi’ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunnis and Kurds in the north.

We need only recall how little of this scenario has been done partly post-1991 Gulf War, where Iraq effectively, if not officially, divided into three regions. The fact that the U.S. plan to occupy Iraq, which is being conducted as of this writing, can again push the division of the region, represents a real threat.

Israel’s role in Gulf War
Implementation of the Israeli strategy has been conducted since 1990. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in a surprise attack on August 1, 1990, which raises the international crisis. Israel became the leader of those forces which led to the crisis. Israel is the fiercest supporter of the attitude adopted by the U.S. following the invasion of Kuwait. The Israelis even the U.S. considers moderate, and want a stricter policy. So far so that the President of Israel, Chaim Herzog, recommends that the U.S. uses a nuclear bomb. On the other hand, the Israeli lobby in the United States was working to encourage wide-ranging attack on Iraq.

This encourages the formation of the whole situation in the U.S. view that the attack on Iraq under consideration, in fact designed for the benefit of Israel. Well-known commentator, Pat Buchanan summarized this idea in the phrase “There are only two groups beating the drums of war in the Middle East – the Israeli Defense Ministry and its supporting groups in the United States.” (Http://

Israel also has begun a serious propaganda campaign on this issue. Since this campaign was largely waged in secret, then the Mossad was involved as well. The former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, provide important information about this case. According to him, Israel has been eager to launch the war with the U.S. against Saddam long before the Gulf crisis. In fact, Israel began to implement the plan immediately after the end of the Iran-Iraq war. Ostrovsky reported that Mossad’s Psychological Warfare department (LAP - LohAma Psicologit) launched a powerful campaign using misinformation techniques. This campaign is intended to show Saddam as a bloody dictator and a threat to world peace. (Victor Ostrovsky, The Other side of Deception, pp. 252-254).

Talking about the Mossad agents Gulf War
Ostrovsky describes how Mossad used agents or sympathizers in various parts of the world in this campaign and how, for example, Amnesty International or “volunteer Jewish helpers (sayanim)” at the congress of the United States mobilized. Among the methods used in the campaign were the missiles launched against civilian targets in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. As described by Ostrovsky, the use of these missiles by the Mossad in the future as a propaganda tool was quite peculiar, since missiles had actually been directed to their targets by Mossad, with the help of information from U.S. satellites. Having supported Saddam throughout his war with Iran, Israel was now present it as a monster. Ostrovsky writes:

Mossad leaders know that if they could make Saddam look as someone very evil and a threat to Gulf oil supplies, which until then he has become patron of supply, the United States and its allies would not let Saddam off hand, but will make calculations that would destroy the armed forces and the strength his weapons, especially if they are to believe that this is their last chance before Saddam’s use of nuclear weapons. (Victor Ostrovsky, The Other Side of Deception, pp. 254)

Israel is very determined on this matter, and in conjunction with the United States, on August 4, 1990, Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy issued a diplomatically threat to William Brown, U.S. ambassador to Israel, stating that Israel “expects the U.S. will meet all the goals set for themselves, Israel at the beginning of the gulf crisis, “in other words that it attack Iraq. According to Levy, if the U.S. does not do so, Israel would act unilaterally. (Andrew and Leslie Cockburn, Dangerous Liaison, pp. 356.)

It would be very beneficial for Israel if the U.S. engaged in war without any involvement on the part of Israel: and this is what really happened.

Was Oil the Real Objective?
Why do the members of PNAC were so determined to overthrow Saddam? The same article continues:
Although the underlying oil PNAC policy statement on Iraq, but apparently this is not the main driver. [Ian] Lustick, [a University of Pennsylvania professor of political science and Middle East expert,] who are also critics of Bush policy, says oil is viewed by the war’s proponents primarily as a way to pay for the costly military operations.

“I’m from Texas, and every oil man that I know is against military action against Iraq,” said Schmitt from PNAC. “The oil market does not need disruption.”

Lustick believes that the hidden mastermind behind a very strong effect may be Israel. He said the war’s proponents in the Bush administration believes that the parade of troops in Iraq would force the Palestinians to accept a peace plan on terms favorable to Israel “(William Bunch,” invading Iraq not a new idea for Bush clique “Philadelphia Daily News, 27 January 2003)

So here’s the main impetus behind the plan to invade Iraq: to help Israel’s strategy in the Middle East.

This fact has also been identified by a number of other Middle East experts. For example Cengiz Çandar, Middle East experts Turkish origin, expose the real power behind the plan of attack on Iraq as follows:
“Who is directing the attack on Iraq? Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice. They are the proponents of” high level “of the attack. However, the rest of the iceberg is actually bigger and more interesting . There are a number of “lobbies.”

A leader in the line of the Jewish lobby is the team’s Institute for Security Affairs (Jewish Institute for Security Issues), JINSA, which is the right group of pro-Likud Israel, known to have close ties with the U.S. arms industries “They have a close relationship with the” arms lobby , “Lockheed, Northrop, General Dynamics and the Israeli military industry” JINSA fundamental principle is that the U.S. and Israel’s security is inseparable. Wavelength words, both are the same.

JINSA purpose is not limited to topple the Saddam regime in Iraq, but also supports the overthrow of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Iran with the logic of “total war”, followed by “democracy. … Wavelength words, a number of Jewish Americans who tune with the most extreme groups in Israel today consists of people who supported the war in Washington. (Cengiz Çandar, “Iraq and the ‘Friends of Turkey’ American Hawks”, Yeni Safak, 3 September 2002.)

Israel Project “Control of the Silent-Silent World”
In short, there are circles in Washington that led to the war waged against Iraq initially, and then to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Egypt. Their most notable characteristic was that they lined up alongside, and even the same, “the Israeli lobby.”

No matter how often they talk about “American interests,” these people are actually supporting Israeli interests. Strategy launched a war against the entire Middle East so as to make all the people in the region rose up against the U.S. might not favor the U.S.. The use of such a strategy can only be possible if the U.S. is bound to Israel, through the Israeli lobby, which is profoundly influential in the country’s foreign policy.

For this reason, the strategy behind it starts after September 11 and which is intended to alter the map of the whole Islamic world, there is a secret Israeli plan to “conquer the world.” Since its founding, Israel has dreams of changing the map of the Middle East, making it easy to set up so that is no longer a threat to him. Israel has used its influence in the U.S. for this purpose in recent years, and has a big share in directing the policies of Washington in the Middle East. State post-11 September give Israel the opportunity that had been sought. The pro-Israeli ideologues who for years have been incorrectly states that Islam itself – not some radical militant group Islamic dress – posed a threat to the West and the U.S.. The truth is they who try to convince mistaken idea about the “clash of civilizations,” and has tried to influence the U.S. to antagonize the Islamic world after the events of September 11. Already since 1995, Israel Shahak of the University of Hebrews, Jerusalem, wrote Prime Minister Rabin as a “war of ideas against Islam led by Israel.” Nahum Barnea, the author of opinions from the Israeli newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, stated in the same year that Israel was making progress “[to] become the West in the war against the Islamic enemy.” (Israel Shahak, “Downturn in Rabin’s Popularity Has Several Causes”, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, March 1995.)

All that has happened in the next few years is that Israel’s intention to make more subtle. Political climate of post-11 September provided an opportunity to realize these intentions into reality. The world is now watching the early applied stage by stage in the Israeli policy to divide Iraq, which has been designed in the World Zionist Congress in 1982.

The Only Way to World Peace: Islamic Unity
The situation above can be summarized as follows: The objective of Israel is to rearrange the Middle East region according to their own strategic interests. To achieve this, to dominate the Middle East, easily the most volatile regions in the world, Israel needs a “world power.” Power is the United States, and Israel, with their influence, trying to pawn of U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East. Although Israel is a small country has a population of 4.5 million people, with plans drawn up by Israel and its Western supporters in the world affairs.

What needs to be done to face this reality?

1) lobbying activities need to be done in order to counter the influence of the Israeli lobby in the U.S. in order to build a dialogue between the U.S. and the Islamic world, and to get him to seek peaceful means to solve the problem of Iraq and other similar problems. Many people want their country to take the U.S. Middle East policy more equitable. Many statesmen, strategists, journalists and intellectuals have expressed this, and the movement of “peace among civilizations” should be initiated in cooperation with those circles.

2) The approach the U.S. government to bring a peaceful solution to the problem must be brought to the level of government and civil society.

Along with all this, the most fundamental solution lies in a project that can solve all problems between the Islamic world and the West, and can overcome the divisions, suffering and poverty in the Islamic world and completely change it, and this is the Islamic Union.

Recent developments have shown that the whole world, not just the Islamic lands, requires an “Islamic Union.” This Union should heal the radical elements in the Muslim world, and establish good relations between Islamic countries and the West, particularly the United States. This Union should help find a solution to the mother of all problems: The Arab-Israeli conflict. Only with Israeli withdrawal to the borders before 1967, and the recognition of the existence of Arabs, there will be real peace in the Middle East. And Jews and Muslims – which are both descendants of Prophet Abraham and believe in one God only – can coexist in the Holy Land, as has been demonstrated in earlier centuries. Thus, Israel would no longer need a strategy to disrupt the security or breaking up the Arab countries. And Israel would not face retaliation for its occupation in the form of violence and fear of continuous efforts against destruction. Then, both, the children of Israel and Iraq (and Palestine) can grow in a peaceful and secure environment. This is the Middle East region that should be coveted and tried to be realized by any person wise.


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