22. Su-33: Carrier Launch and Recovery

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1.Welcome to the Su-33 aircraft carrier launch and recovery training lesson. 2.Press "ESC" at any time to take control or exit the lesson. 3.Please do not touch any input devices during the training lesson. Press "PAUSE" to pause the lesson. 4.Press "LShift F" to extend the flaps all the way down. 5.Increase engine power. 6.Full afterbuner! 7.Take-off! Maintain 20-degrees of pitch. Retract the landing gear by pressing "G". 8.Press "LCtrl F" to retract the flaps. 9.Level out at 500 m and 500 km/h. Begin an 180-degree turn with 30-degrees of bank to the left. 10.To maintain airspeed around 500 km/h at this low altitude, the engine RPM will need to be around 80%. 11.Finishing our turn to a course opposite of the final approach or upwind. 12.At a range of 12 km., press "B" to extend the airbrake. Turn 90-degrees with a 30-degree bank angle to fly perpendicular to the final approach course or base leg. 13.When turning on base, reduce airspeed to 350 km/h. 14.Once we reach 350 km/h, increase engine power between 85 and 90% to maintain airspeed. 15.Press "G" to extend the landing gear.

This will also lower the flaps automatically. 16.Press "LAlt G" to lower the arrestor hook. 17.When the carrier is about 80-degrees of the nose, begin the turn to final approach. 18.Select Landing mode by pressing "1". 19.Completing our turn on final and lining up on the approach course by following the director bars. When the horizontal glideslope bar lowers, descend and reduce airspeed to 245 km


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