Save a police bulletproof vest from three consecutive shots

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Officer Robert Salerno, 25, was in hospital on Monday night critical but stable condition after surgery for two gunshot wounds to the belly underneath. Three .38-caliber bullet lodged in his chest vest, protect and be fatal if he was not wearing body armor, police said.

 "Officer Salerno, a young brave, very lucky indeed. It can get very much worse," said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Salerno - the police shot first in the task this year - returned fire 16 times, emptying his magazine. Three police he fired a total of five rounds in a deadly confrontation 12:30 pm.
The suspect, Santiago Urena, 57, was found lying face down, fatally shot through the head and arms under his body.

Kelly said the fatal shots may have been self-consciously, but investigators could not close the possibility of Urena was felled by a round of police. An autopsy was scheduled for today. Police were called to 3073 Park Ave. by Yesenia Rodriguez fear health aide, who called 911 after Urena slapped and threatened with a weapon, police said.

A police source said that Urena often propositioned Rodriguez, who worked 12-hour shifts caring for Urena's mother 91 years after his father's death late last year.

Last straw came when he was talking on the phone to her husband in the Dominican Republic on Monday. "He was hovering around and said," Oh, you better be careful. She's cheating on you, '"said a police source.
Angry, he hung up the phone and says Urena left alone. Neighbors Jimmy Molina, 54, who helped translate for police accounts Rodriguez, told the Daily News that Urena was angry.

"He hit with curses [] out of him, knocked to the ground. Then he pulled out a gun and said," I'll kill you, I'll kill you, '"Molina said.
He ran into the lobby and called 911. When police arrived Precinct 44, Urena's brother, Demetrio, 69, took them to the 2G's apartment, where the suspect was alone and unarmed in the back bedroom.

Salerno, on the force for three years, first through the door as Urena opened fire without warning, police said. The officers returned fire and then bring Salerno wounded from the apartment. They said to him, "You're going to succeed, you'll be fine," Molina said. Urena, a former airport worker with no criminal record, died in an apartment house in Morrisania Air Rights.

Her mother, Ana Celia Urena, who was in the back room, then performed with his oxygen tank. Mayor Bloomberg visited Salerno, whose parents were at the bedside at Lincoln Hospital.

Bloomberg said that by coincidence, he is recognized Salerno's father, Joe, who used to run a garage in northern Armonk, where the mayor on holiday.
"When I walked into the room, I thought, 'I know this guy!,'" He said. "It makes it personal for me." Neighbors and relatives called Salerno a good person with a sunny personality who is devoted to his work.

"He's weird health, so I'm sure that helps. I think he'll be fine," said her uncle, Rocco Bambace, 58. "I'll make fun of when he came out and said," I hope they did not hit all your tattoos. ""
Demetrio Urena said her brother went into tailspin since losing his job. "You know, those things get to you. He reached the point where he does not care about life," he said Monday night. "We just buried my father we're going to bury my brother .."


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